4 Effective Ways to Improve the Appearance of Your Corporate Housing Property

raoulbianchetti corporate housingAs more and more tenants Find Los Angeles Corporate Housing a better place to rent compared with hotels, the competition among corporate housing property owners is increasing. The tenants will always look for something appealing and easy on their pocket. Your property should stand out among the rest in order for the tenants to choose it. How then can your corporate housing property become attractive to many tenants? Below are some of the simple ways you can do to improve the appearance of your corporate housing property:

Repaint your property.
You cannot underestimate how a new paint color can transform the appearance of any property. A new paint can brighten hallways, make drab walls look bright again and can emphasize certain architectural features like high ceilings or built-in bookcases. A semi-gloss or satin paint is the best choice nowadays. Semi-gloss- or satin-colored walls are actually easy to maintain and clean. That’s why many opt for this type of paint these days. It is easy to wipe scuff marks, crayon marks or even grease off a semi-gloss- or satin colored walls. For outdoor shutters, siding, railings, etc., select the kind of paint that can withstand strong weather conditions.

Tidy up and clean the bathrooms and kitchens.
Make sure every nook and cranny is clean. The floors must be mopped, the toilet and tub must be cleaned, the appliances must be polished, the grouts must be scrubbed well and the cabinets must be cleaned. There should be no finger prints or filth on the mirrors and other reflective surfaces. The grease, cobwebs and dust from light fixtures and fans should be removed as well. Change broken handles and knobs with new ones.

Choose neutral colors.
Although you may want to add a certain touch of uniqueness to the colors you choose in the interior and exterior of your house, it is still a good idea to select neutral colors like cream, beige and tan. You should also consider neutral colors for the cabinets, light fixtures, carpeting, hardwood floors and tiles. The use of neutral colors is not only suitable for all seasons but also economical. You can use neutral colors for as long as you want since they never go out of style.

Beautify the exterior.
First impressions last. No matter how clean and beautiful the interior of your home is if it does not look quite appealing outside, it will still be hard for you to find a tenant. Remove any debris, trash or weeds from your lawn. If you see any broken banisters, remove them as well. Old window screens should also be replaced. Always have a well-maintained lawn. The porch will look more inviting if it is lined with some blooming plants and flowers. Chipped paint on the exterior walls must be removed and it will be great if you repaint the exterior walls as well. Improve the appearance of the property by emphasizing its good points. For instance, make your backyard patio look more inviting by adding a grill, making it an ideal location for barbecue parties.


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