Why Meditation?

raoulbianchetti meditationToday there are many people taking up a new past time and that past time is meditation but why meditation? The reason is that meditation is not really a past time even though many people do actually pass the time of day doing it. The fact is that meditation can be beneficial to our overall well-being and that is the reason why so many people are turning to it.

Meditation can calm the mind, enabling it to relax and not be so worried and that, of course, leads to us having less stress or at least feeling less stress. Stress is increasingly becoming a growing concern to the medical profession as in this modern day where everything has to be done in a rush, more and more people are suffering from stress-related illnesses. Therefore if meditation can reduce stress, perhaps even more of us should be taking it up.

Although many people may already know what is meditation and they also know that it can reduce stress, what too many of them don’t realize is that meditation, in order to be beneficial, does not need hours and hours to do but only 15 minutes each day. If this fact was more widely known, the number of people meditating today would probably immediately double.

Experts now say that just 15 minutes meditating each day can cause the mind to stay relaxed for the rest of the day, allowing you to spend the day stress-free and more able to cope with whatever else may stray your way. It is recommended that these 15 minutes spent meditating should be at the beginning of the day or last thing at night to be the most beneficial but 15 minutes any time of the day is good providing it is done every day.

Although today everybody has busy schedules or seems to have, even the busiest person is probably likely to be able to afford 15 minutes first thing in the morning or last thing at night and if additional meditation is required, it is thought to be only a couple of short sessions of perhaps 2 minutes each and those too can often be found even in the busiest schedule.

One example of how someone can find the time to meditate, even with the additional 2 sessions is that they meditate for 15 minutes the last thing at night and then again for 2 minutes on the bus or train on their way to and from work. If the person drives to work obviously they could not possibly meditate whilst driving but perhaps they could spend 2 minutes meditating whilst waiting for a meeting to start or waiting for an interview.

If everybody today meditated for at least the minimum recommended period each day, the numbers of stress-related illnesses would probably drop considerably and peoples overall health would improve. So do not be disillusioned into thinking that meditation is spending hours staring into space, look at it seriously and you too perhaps could become healthier and less stressed.


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